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Tabi is where we can talk
Beauty, Photography, Fashion, Philosophy
and anything else that spurs a mood.

Use the Contactpage or make comments with any questions or ideas.

And we will find an answer or opinion on it!

Beauty is everywhere! So lets find it together!

Tabi is my collaboration of all loves! I have been in the beauty, photography and digital design industry for quite a few years. This site is me wanting to share my experiences, travels, some great fashion, digital design, photography and beauty advice. So I’m hoping that you find some useful tips and tricks from my posts, also some intrigue from my photography and media portfolios. If there is anything your interested knowing more about. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be excited to share the information and do an article on it.

tabitha dawn - Tabi

Sincerely, Tabitha Dawn

MultiMedia Design & Consulting

Impression Public Relations

(WebSite/Graphics . Photography/Video . Image/Beauty)


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